The Amusical Podcast

Not satisfied with taking over the stage and the TV, we’ve now launched a podcast!

Please give us a subscribe, a listen and then a share…

Series one is available from this link here which will take you to the right place whether you’re on an iPhone or Android (we’re pretty modern over here)

EPISODE ONE: is with TV’s Ed Gamble.

EPISODE TWO: is with TV’s Zoe Lyons

EPISODE THREE: is with TV’s Sofie Hagen

EPISODE FOUR: is with TV’s Tom Parry

EPISODE FIVE: is with us!

EPSIODE SIX: is with Rebecca Humphries

EPISODE SEVEN: is with Stephen Bailey

EPISODE EIGHT: is with London Hughes

EPISODE NINE: is with Rosie Jones

EPISODE TEN: is with Deborah Frances White

Series two coming soon!