What Killed Buffy Mom?

How many times has Buffy died?

I think someone–Spike, or Faith–mention it in late s7 around the time Buffy is kicked out of the house.

But she’s actually died 3 times by this point, technically speaking: The Master bites her and she drowns, momentarily, in Prophecy Girl.

She sacrifices herself for Dawn in The Gift..

Does Buffy’s mom ever find out?

Joyce Summers is a fictional character in the action-horror television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). Her mother is unaware of her daughter’s powers and responsibilities until Buffy is forced to tell her at the end of the second season of the television series. …

Why did they kill Buffy’s mom?

During a 2012 Reddit Ask Me Anything, Whedon revealed Buffy’s mom, Joyce Summers, was the hardest character for him to kill off the program. Played by Kristine Sutherland, Joyce died of natural causes in the show’s fifth season.

Why did Cordelia leave Buffy?

After three seasons on Buffy, Cordelia left the series to move over to star in Angel, a spin-off series focusing on Buffy’s vampire ex-lover Angel (David Boreanaz). The first season of Angel sees Cordelia move to Los Angeles, in the hopes of escaping her new-found poverty by becoming an actress.

Does dawn bring Joyce back?

Ultimately funnelling her essence back in to her body. Dawn bringing back Joyce was a different mechanism, using the demon egg to quicken the spell with out any actual magic on her behalf.

Do Giles and Buffy’s mom get together?

The only commonality they have is their parental love for Buffy. On that, they can come to terms of agreement and respect, but that’s really it for Giles and Joyce. Added to this, they don’t spend time together, so they have little opportunity to understand one another.

How did Buffy’s mom die?

Buffy watches as her mother is then officially pronounced dead. One of the paramedics explains that Joyce may have died from a complication relating to her recent brain tumor, and will be calling the coroner to come and collect the body.

Does Buffy have a baby?

By the end of the issue, Buffy comes to the conclusion that she cannot have a baby. The decision was so important for Buffy creator and Season 9 exec producer Joss Whedon, that he took time off from finishing his post-production directing duties on The Avengers to talk with EW about the issue.

Did Buffy really love Spike?

Before Spike died, Buffy finally told Spike that she loved him. This was the first time she had used the words “I love you” in a romantic sense to anyone since Angel. Spike, however, replied that she didn’t love him, but that he was grateful that she had said it.

Is Dawn Buffy’s daughter?

Thus, although they are portrayed as sisters, Dawn is either Buffy’s daughter or her clone. Buffy Summers had the genetic material of her parents, Joyce and Hank, in equal portions.

What killed Joyce Summers?

brain aneurysmThey had one date that went well, and he left her flowers the next day. Soon, Joyce suddenly died from a brain aneurysm.

Does Buffy become a vampire?

In her first year in Sunnydale, there was a boy named Billy Palmer who was in a coma that caused the nightmares of the people of Sunnydale to come to life. During this time, Buffy temporarily turned into a vampire.

Does Dawn die in Buffy?

Later in the Buffy arc, Dawn begins to die and the gang recognise it is due to magic leaving her body. Buffy contacts Faith for help, but (as seen in Angel & Faith) neither she nor Angel can remember Dawn.

Did Joyce die because of dawn?

Joyce dying is the officila end of Buffy’s childhood- she’s finished growing up. Dawn represents her adult responsibilities- she has to be friend, sister and Mom to Dawn. So, in a way, Dawn did kill Joyce- but only in a metaphoric way.

Who did Buffy marry?

One couple that did end up together was Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) and are raising their daughter Joyce. At the end of both the comics and the TV series, Buffy ended up with friends with her two romantic interests, vampires Angel and Spike.