Quick Answer: What Happened To Marcus And Courtney In 13 Reasons Why?

Why did Marcus leave answers com?

Why did Marcus Little leave the S.S.


He left to restart his music career..

What did Tyler down do to Hannah?

Tyler is Hannah’s fourth reason of why she committed suicide. … Tyler developed a crush on Hannah, however, he was too shy to tell her his feelings in person and he then decided to begin stalking her and taking photos of her without her consent, which completely frightened her.

What happened to Monty in 13 Reasons Why?

When Monty was imprisoned for assaulting fellow classmate Tyler Down (Devin Druid), he was attacked and killed in confinement, leaving him as a perfect scapegoat for his former friend Bryce Walker’s (Justin Prentice) unsolved murder.

Who is sending the letters in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah BakerIn episode 13, called “Bye,” Clay Jensen finally bids farewell to Hannah Baker, letting go of her. It’s then that Hannah’s mother hands Clay a note written by Hannah herself before she committed suicide.

Who all died in 13 reasons?

Starting with Hannah Baker, Jeff Atkins (Brandon Larracuente), Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), Monty de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos), and ending with Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), here are all five characters who died and how it happened.

What happened to Courtney in 13rw?

In Season 3, Courtney only had a handful of scenes. As a final-year student, she was supposed to give a tour to newcomer Ani Achola (Grace Saif). However, she had to cancel because she had an appointment with a recruiter from Wellesley College. Courtney made a small cameo in Season 4 as well.

Who died in 2020?

In July, Glee stars and fans alike shared heartfelt tributes to Naya Rivera. More recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87, beloved Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman died at age 43, and Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died at age 80.

What did Marcus do to Hannah?

He publicly humiliated Hannah during the date at Rosie’s Diner and sexually assaulted her while his friends watched on from across the restaurant. WHERE IS 13 REASONS WHY SEASON 2 FILMED? She shouted at him and pushed Marcus out of their booth, causing him to shout at her in return.

What did Clay do to Courtney?

Clay, angered by Courtney’s actions, makes Courtney drive to the cemetery to see Hannah’s grave. He yells at her for being too cowardly to admit she was gay, and for throwing Hannah under the bus.

Who is threatening the students in 13 Reasons Why?

So, who is the person responsible? Montgomery “Monty” de la Cruz. We discover in the final two episodes that Monty, a popular baseball player and Bryce’s BFF, is the one who’s been sneaking around and stealing things, vandalizing property, and making death threats. Alex is the one who puts it all together.

Who killed Bryce in 13 Reasons Why?

Alex StandallThe question of how Bryce died is at the heart of 13 Reasons Why season three and we now know the answer. While the evidence mounted up with each episode looking at each character it turned out it wasn’t Clay who killed Bryce or Tony, Jess or Justin. Bryce’s killer was revealed to be Alex Standall.

Why didn’t clay give the tapes to Bryce?

Clay knew that Bryce would probably destroy the tapes to prevent the truth from being revealed so he skipped number 12 who was Bryce and gave them to number 13,the school counselor to decide on what to do with them. And the tapes were for them who were sorry for their deeds. Not for those who don’t find their fault.

Why is clay on the tapes?

According to Hannah, she had secretly wanted Clay to stay and console her. … Hannah went on to say that Clay didn’t actually belong on the list at all. However, he needed to be there as he was a part of her story. Plus, she wanted him to hear her side – which he may not have, had the tapes merely gone through the others.

Did Sheriff Diaz know Alex killed Bryce?

However, Sheriff Diaz did know that Alex was involved. In the end, he told Deputy Standall that everything about the Bryce Walker case was going into permanent storage. It was a hint that Diaz knew Standall destroyed evidence to protect his son and Diaz was going to go along with that.

What did Tyler do to Marcus?

In the second season, after Marcus lies on the stand, Tyler publicly causes a paint explosion that covers Marcus in paint, also writing ‘HYPOCRITE’ on Marcus’ car with that same paint.

Does Courtney die in 13 Reasons Why?

In every adaptation, Courtney is a popular student at the fictional Liberty High School. Courtney is a part of Hannah Baker’s Baker’s Dozen and is the subject of the fifth tape from Hannah’s list of reasons why she killed herself.

Why does Nina burn Polaroids?

The Polaroids were from girls who had been to the Clubhouse. Most of the Polaroids seemed to show students having fun or having sex. Later, Nina Jones, a victim who found out she had a Polaroid, stole the box from Clay’s car and burned them not wanting anyone to know about it.

How did Monty de la Cruz die?

When Ani reports to Deputy Standall that Monty is Bryce’s killer, he tells her: “Montgomery De La Cruz was killed in his jail cell just hours ago.” His death is not shown on-screen; therefore, we do not know who killed him, but assume it was a fellow prisoner.

Why did Marcus leave Thirteen Reasons Why?

Marcus was last seen getting suspended from school in 13 Reasons Why season 2 episode 8, “The Little Girl”. Sheri’s last appearance, meanwhile, was in 13 Reasons Why season 2, episode 13, “Bye”. Like Courtney and Ryan, it was presumed that Marcus and Sheri had graduated or otherwise moved before season 3.